Photo Idea, wish I could make it happen

Mar 12, 2015, 6:38 AM |

How about this guys (and gals).  Make a tournament chess clock that on every punch it also simulatenously (without strain) triggers a nearby photo camera which is set up to give an aerial shot of the chess board at whatever angle the staff has set the camera at.  The clock switch would not be any harder to push, and the camera would not give off a clicking noise, it would simply take a photo of the board when the clock is pushed.  One could even adjust the camera software to label the photos as  1w (One white), then 1b (one black) then 2w (two white) and 2b (two black);  So after the game the camera could have 90 photos ready for download or upload showing photos for every position after white moves and after black moves.  In my opinion this would have some advantages over video.

 Another simplistic idea is to just have a camera that would take photos every 30 seconds (or 60 seconds) regardless of it a move has been made or not.  I think it would be fun to have such a camera to take to my local OTB game and take photos of my games or of whoever is on the top board etc.