Even More Puzzles

Welcome to Joe's Chess Club. Why don't you take a walk around and see what's happening? And make sure you add up your points for each puzzle you solve. Your total amount of points will indicate how good you are.


1. For 3 points. Joe sat down in his chess club to watch some games. He watched as two old men had just played their 4th moves. All moves were legal and this was troubling Joe. He could not figure out how the position occured. Can you?

2. For 4 points. A similar situation occured later that day. White is about to play his 5th move. Can you help Joe?

3. For 4 points. It was late in the evening, when Doob decided that he had had enough. His Rook was en-prise and he had a set of doubled pawns. When Doob had left, Dither invited Joe to carry on with his game as Black. "How did you get into this position?!" cried Joe. Was it even possible?

4. For 6 points. Halfway through their game, Joe's best mate, James strode into the room."How d'ya do the other night, Joe?" he said. "I lost in 4 moves..." replied Joe, "I opened with 1.f3 and he only played pawn moves throughout the game!" "Come off it Joe, that's not possible!" Is it? Can you prove it?
5. For 5 points. A bit later on in the game, James called to Joe, "Come over 'ere, Joe. White to play and mate in eight!" Joe glanced over. "That position's ridiculously impossible, James. Why should I solve it?". Is it impossible? Prove it.
6. For 2 points. What was the mate in eight?

7. For 6 points. After dealing with James' mate in 8, you walk back to watch the remainder of Joe's game. His hand had just left his Rook on d8 when he roared, "Ah! J'adoube! Now you can force mate in 1!" Dither only smiled as they shook hands. Surely Ra8 is answered by Nb8+? What happened?
Well, I'm afraid it's time to go home, folks. But wait there! I forgot to ask- how did you do?

0-5 points: Your nanny should NOT be letting you near a chess set.
6-15 points: A super, all-round, cool guy who plays chess for leisure.
16-25 points: Your brain's a national treasure. Titled chess player.
26-30 points: Nerd (your nanny should NOT be letting you near a chess set).
Please drop a comment in the box below to let me know how you did Laughing. Hope you enjoyed these puzzles!


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    EDIT: Lol, Hello Richie!

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    Will you please stop spamming my blog with irrelevant messages?

    EDIT: Lol, you've been banned.

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    @Jake, It was what you saw on the board as you got back from James' puzzle.

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    @Jake, The answer to the last puzzle:

    Joe tried to castle, but as his hand left his Rook on d8, he realised that this was illegal. As he touched his King, he must move it and the only legal move was Kf7.

    Dither can now force mate in 1.

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    Please post your score in the comments.Smile

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