Ahhhh! Sea Monsters!

Jan 11, 2010, 6:53 PM |

Ok, so a bit of context is required for this next one. The setting is IB English class last year. Our teacher is AWOL, deciding to supervise Year 12 Exams and not to tell us beforehand. My good friend Daniel, who also loves to write stories and poems, and I decided to attempt a correspondence poem of sorts where the stipulations are 4 line stanzas in which we write every alternate line with an ABCB rhyme scheme. This works well because I usually dislike rhyme schemes while my friend loves them. After a period of frantic brainstorming, fragmented line writing and much paper shredding, we produced the following poem.

I wrote the first line and every alternate line. All the rest are Daniel's.

Ahhhh! Sea Monsters!

Five ships sailing in upward elastic motion,
Upon them, drunken seamen dance with light feet.
Raging orange - the defenders of scurvy -
Topsy-turvy swells 'neath the mid-night heat.

Charybdian ripples blemish the tranquil storm,
And yea, these slimy thing did crawl,
Pulsating blobs of undiluted misogyny - alas, no lasses -
Four by twenty living worms, abreast they groan and brawl.

The tumult dies down in midst of passion;
Hidden tentacles submerge conscious thought.
This line doesn't fit but should (not be here).
Good one Eric - your neck shall be wrought.

But we digress - the monsters are waiting,
Their deep-sea desire never abating.
The fish fingers in the oven are ready;
Five ships sailing - formation steady.