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Shades of White

Jan 25, 2010, 1:47 AM 3

Shades of White

My fingers are trembling
so I eat my pinky to ease the pain
My mouse, a watermelon,
is not afraid of elephants.
Juicy frazzle electric hair
burn and singe the dusty air.
Psychadelic hamburgers
butcher French dictionaries,
The abattoir was sold to some
shady Russian diplomat,
who vows to out-wrestle Putin
and out-scandal Sarkozy.
Injecting rocket boosters
enough to make frogs sweat
and Texan steaks wake from their plates
and mash some potato.

I've run out of fingers, and
my keyboard is missing its 8 key.
A failed prophylactic, for
Facebook still doesn't remember me.

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