a cheaters diary part 2

IM Runner
Apr 3, 2014, 5:17 PM |

Finally I can continue my blog about my "cheating" experience. Unfortunatly after getting the FM-icon less and less people starting to accuse me of cheating. Instead if I get a bad day there are enough players who would like to say in the game chat or even post how bad of an FM I am and how they understand all better (srsly guys, that's not nice at all). The only thing that is worse are just guys like 'Hazzibah' who are starting the game with a message that I cannot repeat here.

But let's discuss real cheaters. I got an understanding for them I think. Here is a game. I do actually see some of guys like that. Players >2000 who start the game with moves like f3,e3,Kf2 and aslike. First, as a very friendly player, I assume that these could actually be some GM's trying to show of so I never accused any of them. I won and aswell lost such games and still had my fun.

Here is the last one, a game which assured me that these people are cheaters after all.

The funny part- resigning he said to me "good engine!". I replied "You say it". A better respone would surely be "You are just using yours wrong" or even "Called hard work, you should buy some!" :)
I was sure if he is accusing me to use one he's the cheater. A strong player itself would admit to play wrong or even one using a computer could imagine that playing not the best moves could result in not winning a position.
The interesting fact I learnt about cheaters ist that they don't play the strongest moves showed by the engine, perhaps so you can't catch them. There is no other explanation i didn't lose a lost position (or Rxb3 without any reason). Well about the reason to cheat itself, I still don't know how it can be fun to read the 2nd line of an engine's suggestion.