A "cheater's" diary part I

IM Runner
Oct 23, 2012, 3:46 PM |

Hello everybody

I'm a german student, FM; I don't have to much time for chess playing, so I only play blitz here. I don't need to much publicity, that's why I don't want to tell my name and for the same reason I don't need to confirm chess.com about my FIDE title, since I just play blitz anyway

The point is- I can play chess, but have no FM icon before my name. The only thing I can say that most of my opponents I crushed called me cheater. First I just couldn't stand such acussements (without analytical proof e.g.), but then I thought, instead of arguing with myself I just do the analytical work of the games by myself, so you can laugh at the bad play of the "godlike" titled players or perhaps so you can stop calling good players like me cheaters.


Our first candidate in the series is the FM "FMJATorres"
We played 3 games today, afterwards he posted this on my wall "you are a cheating player.. I'm FIDE Master and I can prove it. Just lets play a couple games in public demostration."-just because I'm FM I can proof you're cheating- lol! In my opinion he just makes fun of himself, look by yourself:

game 1:

I saw no potential cheating from black, just a horrible opening treatment from the white side, not worthy a FM
our 2nd game:

This time he's choosen a rather dubious opening, where black has to be much more carefully than white, but wasn't.

My advice for you- you're bad at tactics, choose another opening! Wink If you're playing just for fun than play it at least sharper like I showed or the mainline. Try also KID, it's pretty interesting indeed to play the positions once Tongue Out

Finally, the last game:

After move 30, with 1min 30sek remaining time of our initial 3 min, I offered draw 3 times, but he played on. After a while I had enough and just resigned- I mean, I play for fun, to try smth out and learn from it; I defenetly do not play for rating etc. so  I did't need to waste my time on the game anymore.

Still it amazes me that such a "sportsmanchip" player, a role model of a chess player takes the right after that to accuse me beeing a cheater, still thinking that only an engine has the strengh to beat him


Well, this is the first part of my series. I didn't see anything for a human impossible in my play. But as the engine who played it, what a miracle! Laughing I hope I could achieve smth. with this blog, even if it is just a smile Wink
btw. Can someone give me a serious reason to cheat in chess?! (especially on chess.com) -I mean: "haha, I proved my houdini can beat your ass up. I am proud of myself! Embarassed"