Book by my younger brother

Aug 20, 2015, 7:53 AM |

My younger brother wrote a book which is getting published soon.  It would also be available on amazon and other sites.  Synopsis of the story is as uner :

This is the story of a ten-year-old kid and his struggle in life in adjusting himself according to the whims and fancies of his crazy family members. Besides, he also feels that he is the unlucky person in the world. Will he be able to overcome the challenges? What is in store for him? The story is so natural that one can identify himself in such situations and feel that they can happen in our daily life too.

About my brother- K. L. S. Rucheek was born on October 25, 2004, in a small town of South India. He now lives in New Delhi and is studying in sixth grade. He also studied in an international school for about three and half years. The book more or less is based on his own experiences and observations. He also plans to have a sequel.


Hope you will like it.