importance of education.

importance of education.

Jan 10, 2014, 9:16 AM |

my father is a businessman, my father is CEO of an MNC. i have enough money to feed my next 10 generations.... do i need to have education? whats the need for me to get educated? let me explain with the help of few real cases.

first case---

our nation just experienced a recent case of molestation on justice A K Ganguly. from the national newspaper, i've been through the statements of the intern who filed the complaint against justice Ganguly. in her statements i found some deceny in ganguly. The justice called the intern for a project and asked her to spend a night in his room as there was no rooms left in the hotel for her.

at the dinner table he approached her, held her hand proposed her and simulateously kissed her. the intern ran out of the room. chasing her, justice too went and in the lobby he screamed an apology as he knew what he did, would be a doom, but that went in vain. he later texted her an apology that went in vain too. next morning he did the same but the result was the same.

second case----

everyone still remembers the delhi rape case.

In the first case, justice, an educated, highly qualified person knew what he was supposed to do, how to handle it, when he screwed himself up by proposing his intern. well, i must say his latter approach to his intern was decent one.

now, consider the delhi rape case where rapists, none of them were educated; got wild and everyone knew what they did wasnt less than sheer stupidity.

education makes us a human. our way of thinking, mentality gets broaden.

here, i just showed how illiteracy, being the root problem of one of the major problems in india i.e rape. similarly, it is a root problem of other major problems also like corruption, unemployment etc etc. 

i hope this blog of mine doesnt land me in troubles lol.