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In World War II

German troops invaded Europe and took over country after country.

The Nazi’s set up their own governments and made their own laws and did whatever they felt was right in their own eyes, and as we all know, they did some pretty heinous things.

Their view of right and wrong was kind of skewed!

When the war ended and the rightful governments regained control of their countries, they took those same Nazi’s and put them on trial.

They were judged individually for every act they had committed based on the laws that had already been established in that country.

Something very similar is about to happen.

You see right now you are living according your own laws, your own created ideas of right and wrong, good and bad.

But one day soon, a KING is going to return and He is going to judge each person individually, based on the Eternal Laws that He has already established.

God has appointed a day in which He will Judge the world in Righteousness and has commanded each person to repent.


But - This is The Deal

Everyone believes they are actually a pretty good person.

They do lots of good deeds and are mostly very decent and pretty likable. Especially in comparison to all the blatantly bad and down right despicable characters you see every day on T.V., the news, movies and probably even some people you know.


They believe if you take the few bad things they've done and weigh them against all the good things they've done, that the good would far outweigh the bad. They don't see themselves as bad and figure God won't either, I mean, if he sees all, he knows I'm mostly good. He's just, so he'll weigh the good and the bad and I‘ll be fine. Besides (they say), my god isn't a god of wrath anyway, he's a god of love and compassion and would never even create a hell, much less send me there.


Therefore: they are in no need of a 'savior' and see the message of the Gospel as foolishness or irrelevant, ancient writings for ancient people who weren't nearly as enlightened and sophisticated as we are today.


The fact is that truth is eternal. Truth is always truth. For instance: If my daughter was 8 years old and I put a sign up over the oven that said:




The message on the sign would be true.

If she touches the red burner, she will burn her hand, but it was true before I put up the sign and it will be true if the sign gets torn down, because truth is truth and truth is eternal. I would only put the sign up because I love her and don't want her to get burned. Gods Law is just like that…it was true before it was written down, it is true now and it will always be true.


+++++It too was given out of Love +++





The truth is,

if a person murders someone they're a murderer. Even if they just murder one person, that makes them a murderer. If they murder someone on Monday and then are really, really good Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then start feeling really bad for it on Friday and Saturday: come Sunday are they still a murderer? Of course. Even if they're good for the next year, or ten years or fifty years they're still a murderer. Their subsequent good behavior and remorse doesn't justify their prior crimes or actions. It doesn't change their history, their past.


In that same light:


If you've ever lied one time that makes you a liar.


If you've ever stolen anything in your entire life, regardless of the size or value, that makes you a thief.


Jesus said if you've ever lusted towards another that makes you an adulterer at heart and that hatred is as murder.


If you've ever used Gods name in vain,

that's taking the God that gave you your eyes to see with, your ears to hear with, your loved ones, who gave you your very life and created the universe and using His name in place of a four letter filth word to express disgust. That is blasphemy and a transgression of the third law.



Now if you died and faced judgment based on those laws would you be found innocent or guilty? Most people will admit - Guilty.

Do you think you would go to heaven or hell?

Most people would say heaven, and around here there are 3 main reasons people believe that. We’ll go through each one.





Number one.

If God is good , he'll forgive me for the times I broke his laws, especially if I’m really, really sorry.

Lets bring this down into perspective so that we can establish some logic. Imagine for just a moment that your in a human courtroom. You‘ve been tried and found guilty of breaking three serious laws. Before sentencing, the Judge asks if you want to say anything and you say: "Judge, despite the fact that I did those things, I believe you're a good judge and I think you can see that I'm really a good person at heart and I’m really, really sorry for those things I did. So, I’m asking you to please let me go.

The Judge would say “First of all, you should be sorry when you’ve done wrong. And secondly - your right, I am a good judge and because of my goodness I must convict you of the laws you have been found guilty of breaking. If he lets a guilty criminal go, he's not a good judge at all. He must do all he can to assure that justice is done based on the Law. The same applies to God. You see goodness and justice are 2 sides of the same sword.

Number Two.

My god isn't a god of wrath anyway, he's a god of love and Compassion and would never even create a hell much less send me there.

When people tell me that, I have to agree with them! Your right, your god would never create a hell. Because he can't, he doesn't exist, you've made a god out of your own imagination, you've created a god to fit your lifestyle, a god your comfortable with, one that winks at sin. That is called idolatry, and it’s the oldest sin in the book.

Number Three.

I'm really a good person, most of the stuff I do is good, and the bad things I’ve done are a small percentage of my total picture. He'll weigh the good and the bad… and that sounds logical, kind of, until you think about it.
Again, try that in a civil court…Judge I know I'm guilty of the crimes I've been charged with but look at all the good things I do, I’m generous, and kind , I give lots of money to charities, I help old ladies cross the street and I even waxed your car on the way here. Doesn't that count for something? The Judge would say : All that is commendable, but it has nothing to do with the charges your facing and you are guilty by your own admission. As for waxing my car, I consider that an attempt at bribery-, and folks that's what your doing with God, trying To bribe him with good deeds so that he'll overlook your guilt in breaking his laws.

You see today people have a skewed view of right and wrong. What's wrong with a little lust here and there, everyone tells lies, I only take really small stuff from big companies who can afford it, you know like taking a pen from work - there just perks.


A woman walks into a bar to meet a friend and puts her purse on the table as she sits down. In her purse is 153 dollars. Her friend shows up and as they go to get a drink she turns around in time to see a man pulling his hand out of her purse and in his hand is some cash. It doesn’t matter if he took it all or just 60 bucks, or even just one dollar. He stole and is thus a thief.

God is not impressed with the value of that which you stole !


Now just imagine that later today, after you leave here, you go home or to your dorm and find that someone broke in and stole your ipod or cd collection or computer or something valuable to you. Can you feel that burning in your chest? That sense of violation, that sense of outrage. Lets ratchet it up a few notches and think how you would feel if you got the news that your sister or girl friend was viciously raped or your mother or daughter was beaten and mugged and robbed. Do you feel that outrage building? That outrage is your sense of justice . We as humans have a sense of justice built into our genes because we were made in Gods image. … If you, being a sadly sinful man feel the need for 'justice', just think how much more a totally Holy God must feel when he sees His laws trampled in total disregard.


Ask yourself this question: Do you think Gods' sense of justice is

less than yours, the same as yours or greater than yours?


Examine yourself, look at your history, do you see your guilt, do you see the stains of sin on your clothes or are you still justifying yourself?

Still comparing yourself to the world around you?



A girl sees a sheep on a hill and thinks 'oh how nice and white that sheep is'. Then it begins to snow, and all of a sudden that same sheep, against the backdrop of white snow, doesn't look so white anymore. In fact it looks down right dirty and yellow.



Compare yourself against the backdrop of society and you'll look pretty good every time, but against the backdrop of a totally Holy and Righteous God and you'll look a lot different than you might imagine.


The Bible says that our righteousness looks like filthy rags in Gods eyes !!! And that's our righteousness!! Our best, our “good” deeds. Just think what our sinfulness must look like!!!! Our sins are an affront to God. An offense, like a stink in His nose. Ever step in something that stinks and sticks to the bottom of your shoe. All of a sudden your like ‘what is it that stinks?’ and when you realize its from the bottom of your shoe you immediately take it off and carry it outside. Out of your house, because its offensive. Sin stinks in Gods nose but its even worse than that, its like smoke in His eyes. Ever get a thick waft of smoke right in your eyes? It burns, it dries, your reaction is immediate and reflexive. Sin is a stench in Gods nose and smoke in His eyes!


That’s why in the Bible, God say’s 'no fornicators, blasphemers, idolaters, liars, thieves, murderers or adulterers will enter the kingdom of God.'

The Bible says that 'All liars will have their part in the lake of fire.' Does that concern you ??

Imagine your driving down the highway, beautiful day, traffic is moving, nice weather, everything is beautiful. Speed limit is 55 but the flow of traffic is going around 70, actually more people seem to be doing 75, but your content at 70. Everything is perfect. All of a sudden you see coming quickly down the left lane is a state trooper. UH-OH, your blood starts pumping, you realize that your doing 15 miles an hour past the speed limit, you tap your breaks a few times. You know that it doesn't make any difference how fast anyone else was going if he pulls behind you, you've had it.


Well, He pulls right behind you, his lights go on and you hear his siren start. Immediately your heart rate jumps, you start to sweat, your hands shake…and that is just some guy with a little man made authority…Just imagine how your gonna feel when you have to stand before the One in whom all authority in Heaven and Earth resides and eternity lies in the balance.


The Bible says It is appointed to man once to die and then the JUDGEMENT.


Friends, each day that goes by brings you that much closer to judgment day. Everyone is going to die, we're all on death row, our cells have nice lighting, and a beautiful blue ceiling and good air circulation but one day your number will be up, your name will be called. The Bible is clear, God did create a place called Hell, and when you find yourself standing before Him on judgment day, the standard by which you'll be judged is the Ten Commandments. The Bible says if you've broken just one, your guilty, its either perfect or not, there's no in between.


The Bible describes Hell as a place of outer darkness, of wailing and gnashing of teeth, eternal torment and despair. The Bible says that many are they that will enter its gates and few are they that find the way to life. That should Terrify you. I once read a tract that said on the front: "What do you have to do to go to HELL" and when you open it up it says this: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and that is so true. Don't do anything: take it easy, relax, don't change, just keep going like you are, enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season and you will inevitably find out for yourself exactly what Hell is like. You’re like a car on black ice, slipping down a steep hill and at the bottom is beyond your worst nightmare, Gods eternal punishment and wrath: Hell - and you are a heartbeat away from going there.


Now, back to that courtroom for just a second. The judge finds you guilty and by law your sentence is 50 years in jail or a $2,000,000.00 fine, you don't have a penny. The sheriff comes to you, puts on the cuffs and starts leading you away - but just as they're taking you out of the court, someone you don't even know goes to the judge and tells him that Hey, - I'm going to pay his fine for him, here - 2 million dollars cash!! The Judge can now say that the law has been satisfied, the fine has been paid, and you're free to go.
That's what Jesus did 2000 years ago. God came down to earth as Jesus and first fulfilled the law,( which is something no-one else on earth could do- He never sinned once in thought, word or deed), and then He laid down his life as a sacrifice, a payment. Suffering torture, humiliation, betrayal and a horribly agonizing death, all as the payment for your fine. He gave his life freely for you. You broke the law and Jesus paid your fine.





Your right, God is forgiving, and this is great news, but only if you've repented and been converted by grace through faith. You may have heard about this "free gift" called grace, and it is a gift in the sense that you can not buy it but its not free in the sense that there is no cost or price. There is a requirement. God does require something: repentance and faith in Christ.


You see when you where born physically by your mother you became part of the human family, but its not until your born spiritually by God that you become a part of Gods family. You'll find your changed from the inside out. You'll have new desires, new goals. A NEW NATURE. Instead of drinking in sin like water, you will thirst for righteousness. In biblical terminology, its what is described as being born again or converted. Jesus said unless a person is born again they cannot enter my kingdom.

Just like in the old saying “you can tell a tree by its fruit“ the proof of a TRUE conversion IS a changed life.


Many people think just because they believe in Jesus they are saved, but there has never been a real change in their life: a true conversion. You may have asked Christ into your heart or asked God to help you or even walked down an isle and recited a 'sinners prayer‘, but then you continued to act like you've always acted. There was no change in your heart, no conversion.

Perhaps you tried this religion thing to see if its as good as some people say: love, peace, joy, but it was an intellectual knowledge and there was no real repentance, no rebirth. Without true repentance, your sins keep you under their control. Maybe you gladly accept the teachings and really do believe, but when the temptation of sin comes or troubles enter your life, you continue in your old ways, and in your sins you are condemned already. You need to repent. Repent for your sins and repent from your sins.


Imagine a man finds his wife having an affair with another man. So he leaves her and moves out. Then a few months later he hears someone knocking at his door, so he goes to the door and says “who is it?” and he hears from the other side “honey its me, I’m so sorry for what I did, I’m so sorry, I want you to forgive me so we can be together again.” Well his heart leaps in his chest because that’s what he really wants, he wants to reconcile, he still loves her. So he opens the door and there she is, standing arm in arm with the very guy she’s having the affair with. Can you imagine? She needs to realize that to really reconcile with her husband she needs to say goodbye to that man, (and all men) forever. That’s what so many people do with God . They say “oh forgive me, I’m so sorry” but then they stay arm in arm with those same sins. You must forsake them. The person you are having an affair with is yourself. You have to say goodbye to your desires, your will, your agenda and say God from now on its your desires, your will, your agenda.

Jesus said “ Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

Cry out to God from the depths of your heart, plead with God to save you, even a sinner like you and pray for wisdom.

The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


Jesus said don't fear man, who can kill your body and go no further, but fear the one who can take your life and cast your soul into the fires of hell for all eternity. This world is so corrupt, so vile, you don't even realize it. People today think that if they haven't raped or murdered someone, they are

good. Don't buy into it!! Satan is the father of lies and he is the prince of this world. You are guilty already. Those who go through the wide gates are many, few will be those who find the narrow gate. Jesus is the narrow gate and the straight road of repentance is the only way to get there. The destiny of your soul is the most important thing you will ever deal with. This is not make believe. Ten out of ten people die and one day you will too. Maybe tomorrow, tonight, today, there is that chance. It's not a chance worth taking, that's why the Bible says that
TODAY is the day of salvation. Tomorrow is promised to no one.


Humble yourself before God. The Bible says that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourself, Repent and be born again. Pray right now, while you still have time. Plead with God for mercy and forgiveness. Cry out to Him from the bottom of your heart to turn your life around and grant you faith. Thank Him for the Forgiveness that is in King Jesus alone and what He accomplished on the Cross.