My First Simul


Today I had an interesting thought: why not try playing multiple games at once? Obviously I've known about playing multiple games simulatneously, but the only time I'd ever really done it was when I played a beginner chess class I had just taught (I scored 10/10).

So this evening I started three 15|10 games. The first game to start was the last game to end and the last game to start was the first game to end. Here they are in order of which ended first:

Ouch! I completely missed that mate. His 1960 FIDE rating really isn't an excuse.


Although I won that one on time, I think the ending position is winning for me.

The last few moves of that game are quite cool if I say so myself Cool

Overall it was a lot of fun. I even gained one rating point. I did feel that I moved too fast though. At the end of each game I had about 10 minutes on my clock! I played faster than the two opponents I won. This is probably due to the fact that I thought I would be rushed. In reality I could have slowed down quite a bit.

Anyway, next time I'll try with more opponents. Have you played several games simultaneously? How did it go? Got any pointers for me? Thanks!