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Meet a New Chess Coach

Meet a New Chess Coach

Feb 12, 2018, 6:28 AM 2

Hello everybody!

I am a new chess coach at Chess.com. I am pleased to be a member of this wonderful website! I will post a new lesson every week or so, starting from the basic chess pieces, to the advanced end games and the secrets of the grand masters. I will be dedicated and pleased if people learn from me. If so, please do follow me. If you are currently struggling with  your chess development, I have a new quick program of learning chess and to catch your dreams, in one, simple way... with the help of chess blogs on Chess.com!

I am sure, that you will be pleased and that I will improve your chess understanding. Just imagine how great you can be! I promise you can get better. With my lessons, you will fine exactly what you need to work on and exactly what you need to do to apply to your game.

Thank you for your understanding and time! I will be your new coach, and surely, you will be better...coaches.png

Hope you will like my new chess program!

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