Terror on the High Briny

Oct 24, 2016, 3:13 PM |

The Captain called "All able hands!"

"Man the deck! And spread the sand!"

We jumped from berths, and up the stairs

Into the sun and cold crisp air.

We knew the cause of the alarm,

A pirate ship that meant us harm.

We'd slipped the noose (or so we thought)

It now appeared that we were caught.

"Dirk!" he ordered. "To the nest!

(Of all us salts, Dirk's eyes was best.)

He cursed the wind, and called for sail

Then leaned against the pilot's rail.

He lit his pipe, and drank his beer,

(And hoped bravado'd squelch our fear.)

He cast his gaze about mid-ship

And loosed the cutlass at his hip.

He checked his powder. Counted shot.

Then checked again. (Like he'd forgot.)

He checked the sun against the glass,

Then checked the shadow of the mast.

He glanced at maps and shuffled charts,

(No lead could fathom his deep heart.)

He found a prayer from long ago,

"To God, commend this ship and soul."

And when the wind whipped up at last,

(Twas then the threat of danger passed.)

And when we knew that we were saved,

We cheered our Captain, Proud and Brave.


Rob Anderson (4/22/2010)