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Quad Queens Ending

Quad Queens Ending

Apr 15, 2012, 1:24 PM 0

An interesting Chess960 game (Oli93 vs. Salvidrim):



Chess960 is still fairly new to me, and I'm in the 1250~1350 skill range in regular Chess, so the game is of course riddled with innacuracies and mistakes. However it was a fairly even-matched game nonetheless.


Considering initial Queens were exchanged by the eighth move and the remainder of the game was played (mostly) Queenless, I think it makes it all the more interesting that the board ended up with four simultaneous Queens.  Although it was clearly a drawish position and was very shortlived, the novelty of it is worth underlining.


In any case, after the 14. O-O-O Rad8?? 15. Bxb7 blunder and the 17. ... Rf6?! 18. Rxd8 mistake (I somehow hadn't realized my d8 Rook would be left unprotected...) I am satisfied that I managed to draw the game in the end.

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