Recent Events: Puzzles from the European Club Cup

Recent Events: Puzzles from the European Club Cup

NM SamCopeland

Sometimes it seems like the only chess that gets attention is from the elite level round robins or the important, but somewhat dull, world championship matches. Meanwhile, I fear that I miss alot of really beautiful chess from the various opens and team tournaments played around the world. I've thought that I might remedy my ignorance of some truly beautiful games by regularly posting tactics and analysis from some of the lesser covered events.

The European Club Cup took place in Rhodes, Greece in late October of this year. It was won be G-Team Novy Bor with an important victory of SOCAR ( I recently played through some of the tournament games, and I thought I would share some of the puzzles I found. The puzzles are not too hard but escalate a bit in terms of aesthetics and difficulty so some of you might prefer to start at the end. I have included full game scores and light comments.

Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 2:
Puzzle 3:
Puzzle 4:
Puzzle 5:
Puzzle 6:
Puzzle 7: 
Puzzle 8:
Puzzle 9:
Puzzle 10:
Puzzle 11:
Puzzle 12:
Puzzle 13:
Puzzle 14:
Puzzle 15:
Puzzle 16:
Puzzle 17: Find the best defense.
Puzzle 18:
Puzzle 19: