The Candidates: #1 The Tiger Strikes

The Candidates: #1 The Tiger Strikes

Mar 13, 2014, 6:53 AM |

The Candidates:

Finally. The moment the whole chessworld have waited for.

The Candidate Chess Tournament 2014, started 13. March.

What many people have talked about, is who´s going to win the tournament and challenge Magnus Carlsen at the World Championship.

Very many is betting at Aronian, which is a good choice, but someone says that the indian Vishy Anand (The chess tiger) after he lost thw title as world champions in 2013 against Carlsen. After the first round the people who betted at Anand, are happy.

Today he managed to beat Aronian after a Unbeliveable timetroube for Aronian who only had 2 seconds before the timecontrol and less than 10 seconds to about 3 moves. Aronian survived that with a computer evaluation saying completely draw (0.00), but as human there was lot of things to look at. Suddenly Aronian made a blunder that changed the evaluation from )0.00) to (3.45) wich is completely winning for white, and few moves after, Aronian resigned.


After the World Cheampionship, Carlsen have relaxed and is right now doing lot of work at G-Star and have just published his own app, and also traveled to Brazil to play a rapid tournament and show his skills at blindfold chess.





The next couple of rounds is going to be very nice in The Candidates.

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Samuel H. May