Mate in three against me

Feb 2, 2010, 12:14 PM |

Hello everybody. Today I want to show you an example of the problems you can have with an exposed king, even you are in the lead.








The black king is in a check and quite exposed. But it seems not to be too serious. There are seven moves possible. I took the worst one and got mated in three. 

I'll leave that to you, to find out the worst move and I give a little quiz. Which move belongs to which computer evaluation?

Evaluations (if black is better, then its a negative evaluation, if white is better, then it's positive evaluation): -1.8; -1.1; -0.4; 0; +1.7; +8.04; M3

Moves:  Kh6; Kh7;Kh8;Nfg4; Neg4; Ng6; Bg4

I wish you all the best!