School Chess Club

Dec 9, 2008, 9:26 PM |

It's been an interesting battle. At my school one must sign a form stating the purpose of any club, how it would benefit the student body, meeting times, parental permission, etc. And at the bottom, one must get at least four signatures of prospective club members.

Then the sheet is passed on to the Board, and upper Administration to discuss.

And discuss they did! The initial response was quite varied, and to tell you the truth, I go a little nervous. One staff member, I was told, saw no benefit of chess in schools--he only imagined that everyone is gathered around tables, silently playing. Another staff member retorted, "So then, how does throwing a football around in the back parking lot beneficial?"  So it went back and forth...

Finally, today the Board and upper Administration gave me "enthusiastic approval" for the club!

And the club's name? Since our mascot is a Knight, I chose "Knight's of the Square Table." We'll have our first meeting this Thursday, and I will explain to them that it's a chess club primarily about strategies and tactics.  The response has been somewhat mixed, from "are you kidding?" to "finally!"