The Sporadic Play of an Amateur


Perhaps, for me, the most frustrating thing about my chess playing is my inconsistencies.  It seems I'm on a roll one day, a total flop the next.  So, I do what many amateurs do: purchase books.

I've purchased four chess books in my life, with a slight infatuation for the pre-1930s.  I purchased Gossip's and Lasker's books, of which the former seemed too egotistical.  More on those later...

However, I did purchase two more recent books: one being Chess Tactics for Champions, because don't we all want to be one?  Susan Polgar's premise is to help players see certain tactics and patterns that may come up.  The book is filled with diagrams, and situations to ponder.

 Although this is only puzzle number two, I've finally had to continue, and not let this one stump me.  I finally gave in and read the solution at the end of the chapter, but can't seem to see why the solution does not allow for black NOT to move his knight on c6 when white moves 1. d5.  Most of the puzzles create a mate where black has only a couple of options.  For this one, I believe black has many options to defeat white's fork.  What do you think?