Chris Plays with Purpose

Feb 11, 2016, 3:12 AM |

Chris is now mastering the level 2 computer.  In this game he shows deliberation that has been lacking in his previous games.  He has plenty more to learn, and that's quite alright.  The gains he's made thus far show promise for the future.

I'm going to make my list here of things to do when you feel the urge to push pawns aimlessly.

  • Analyze the board like it's a brand new game.
  • Find your weakest piece; then find a square where it will be more powerful.
  • Find the enemy's strongest piece; sabotage it.
  • See if you can threaten check or checkmate.
  • Fix weaknesses in your defense.
  • Exploit weaknesses in their defense.
  • Move a rook to an open file.
  • If there's a hot area of the board, see if you have the power to control it.

As a bonus, here are some thoughts about when to push a pawn:

  • Push a passed pawn
  • Push a pawn that will break down a strong pawn structure.
  • Push a pawn that blocks one of your pieces
  • Push a pawn onto a contested square if you have more support on it than the enemy does
  • Push a pawn that will dislodge a well placed enemy piece