Embarrassing Loss

Jan 20, 2016, 11:01 AM |

Hey guys, still fighting to imrove my game play. I am sorry to say that my last game was, utterly embarrassing. However, I'll share my misery and you can all get a good laugh at my poor play. I only ask that you take a moment as you gasp for air to give me any advice for future games. I have trouble analyzing my games so any tips or moves/postional things I missed, would be helpful.

I'd like to say that I opened with the intention of playing a Nimzo Indian, and I havent played that variation so after 2. e3 I had no idea how to continue. I was expecting 2. c4. Obviously, I have alot to learn when it comes to openings.

I think 8. ..Ne4 was a mistake, maybe 8. ..Qb6 might have been more useful long term?

And obviously, 9. ..Bxd2 was a mistake. I was thinking he'd retake with the knight on f3. and I'd grab the knight on e4. Poor choice made by me, but wait, it gets better....

20. ..Qxe5 Finally he made a mistake and allowed me to even out the material, surely I have a chance at this point.

23. ..Qc3 I was only attempting to gain some sort of material advantage. I wasnt sure how I'd get at his king, so I planned to just start removing pieces.

27. ...e5, wow, how could I just blunder away the game. :( I was so focused on advancing the center and trying to take advantage of pawn lead that I threw the game away. Truthfully, at this point in the game I was really unsure how to make any progress toward a win.

By the end, I was just so frustrated with losing the bishop I was ready for it to end. It's pretty upsetting when you fight for a comeback and then through it away.

So yeah. Any help analyzing this game would be greatly appreciated. I have found myself losing the majority of my games, but I love chess and I only wish to improve. Thanks for your time. <3