Chess Diary #1

Nov 15, 2009, 1:46 AM |

I'm starting a chess diary. The idea is that by concentrating on what I've done on actually playing / learning chess, I'll focus more on that and less on reading forums, articles etc in the time I have for this hobby. Perhaps it'll grow, perhaps I'll stop after post 1...

Anyway, yesterday I:

  1. Made a move in like five online games, didn't spend much time on them
  2. Entered the first 10 moves of games 376-400 of the Best of the Best into a database (I want to be able to search it by opening conveniently, but it's a hell of a job entering them...)
  3. Did 14 tactics trainer exercises and dropped 50 points. To be expected, it's been months since I was really active with it.

For today (Sunday), I'd like to enter another 25 games, do 25 exercises, and make moves in any games where it's my move, quickly. But my daughter is ill, so we'll see.


  1. Work out all the different move orders in the QGD that people are using against me, and what their significance is
  2. Enter stuff from play 1.d4 about the Slav piece sac line into the database

See, told you it was boring. You're not expected to be reading this blog until I get to post 100 or so :-)