Learning from mistakes 1: Aronian-Caruana, Tata Steel Chess 2012

Learning from mistakes 1: Aronian-Caruana, Tata Steel Chess 2012

Jan 25, 2012, 8:19 AM |

They say, in chess it is important to learn from one mistakes. Now to avoid frustrations let us have a closer look to the the mistakes from other players. Smile

In the 1st diagram Caruana, top 20 player, just played 37...Qa5-d2?? attacking Aronians Bishop. It seems to me that both players felt victim to a very common very wrong method of learning chess. We learn that if our opponent attacks something of us, we should choose between 4 kinds of moves:

  1. fly 
  2. put someting between the attacing and attacked piece 
  3. protect
  4. capture the attacker

This method is wrong! If we have to move and our king isn't in check, we should look first for the big game! Can we win at the spot? That is: let us look for mate! How can organize a stronger attack on the enemy's king? Where are the weak points in the defence of our enemy's king?

In this game White had all the time trouble to find real good places for his pieces. White's rook is nearly 10 moves on a promising place: the half-open f-file. But somehow White was not able to make something out of that. His bishop did never threat anything and for one reason or another he didn't want to play his queen to the f-file although that battery of rook and queen would tie the Black queen to f6 and f7.
White gave Black the change to move with his queen around. The irony: by playing too active, by playing attacking moves and ignoring defensive tasks, Black digs his own grave.