To often!

To often!

Nov 29, 2016, 3:27 PM |

I just want to make this clear; I do love chess and I really like watching the classic chess matches from WCC (and its even better with commentators) and I play chess in a regular chess club.


Now I will talk about the WCC! As sad before WCC is played every year! Just as Jan Gustafsson sad when he commentated the twelfth game of WCC 2016 “I think it would be better every second year”, he also explained why, he sad that it draw away the two best player attention for at least few month before WCC. That I agree on but I don’ t think thats the only reason for just have the WCC every second year.


I think that no matter what sport you are talking about it will only help to not have big events to often! I take this form what I see, I compeer football and hockey (I know that it is different sizes of the sports):

Hockey have World cup every year, football are just every forth year. If I look on it as an hockey fan that doesn’t even care for football, but still football world cup seems more interesting to follow becomes you know this is the only chance they have in four years, but when you look at the hockey you know that it happens every year so its not as important.

Another way you could see this is that I haven’t heard about any big football player that says no to play world cup, but I heard about quit a lot of hockey players that do!


So tell me why we have World Chess Championship every year!


For me its just an old tradition and it’s just waiting for this changes!


// Schackarias