Lame + Quitting Gamers = Lamers...

Jul 18, 2009, 9:09 AM |

Hey fellow chess lovers,

I'm discussing the fair amount of Lamers i've encountered over my almost two months playing online. (Which rocks btw!)

Don't you hate it when you're wooping arse, and the opponent either resigns or abandons the game? This just happened to me four times in a row... One abandoned, then another resigned, and then again another abandoned, and another resignation...

You know, nobody likes a sore loser. Lamers...

How can you get better if you just run away every time you are losing? Time to sit back, breathe and accept what you got yourself into, and then learn from it.

Seriously though, if you're anxious to get to the next game just because you want to win... Why even play if you don't want to get better so you can make winning more frequent, and leave your opponents happy, even if they win. You'll have more friends, and more challenging games.

If you play for the heck of playing and don't see a point in a losing game, then alright...

If you resign because you legitimately have business to attend to, I am not addressing you. If you abandon legitimately too, again not concerned with you.

All I am saying is let's make this a happy time, full of learning, and growing. Chess is more than a game.

Stop quitting you Lamers! Buck up and get better.



Let us soar with unfettered feathers, above the bountiful bosoms in our way, to learn, love, and grow, each new day to day.