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Sworn to the black.

Sworn to the black.

Sep 30, 2016, 8:48 PM 0

Like many things colors can be representative, relative or synonymous with anything whether they be emotions, events, places and even specific organization's. Colors in many cases are used to convey or associate certain feelings in advertising depending on the selected color pallet for the ad and we are exposed to it everyday whether we know it or not, but I digress. I'm here to talk about black, more specifically the black pieces of a Chess set. Every game, in any game I love to use the black pieces because of what it represents to me, even if I lose a technical advantage from the start of a Chess game by being black it means nothing to me because I have the coolest color on the board. Black in my mind, represents the axis of evil, the "bad guy's" "Because bad guy's wear black." So the saying goes and to me it makes sense and I like it. I can't imagine I'm the only one who has ever thought this but often times I imagine black being the equivalent to the Mordor of Chess, it's sleek, it's sexy and on the edge. The color represents ill intent to those who would be foolish enough to oppose it and like ink in water it callously spreads it's tendrils of darkness through the ranks of the white line striking with cold unceasing malevolence as it finds openings and exploits weak points, all the while clearing the board of knights, bishop's, rooks and queens. On a more serious note the game of Chess is amazing in it's simple complexity and execution. The more I study it the more it becomes an ever expanding horizon of curiosity and awe. At first glance the game seems to be something that can be mastered in a day, but once you have a serious engagement it becomes something else entirely and this is what began my pursuit to become a serious player. With the black banner of Mordor at my back I can never be defeated!    

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