Road to the 2000s: #1 Reaching the 1000s!

Road to the 2000s: #1 Reaching the 1000s!

May 19, 2016, 5:02 PM |

Hey everyone and welcome to my first blog post of the Road to the 2000s series where I keep everyone updated about my journey to that rating. It will be a long journey, I'll tell you that.


But recently, I played in the 2016 Ice Harbor Scholastic Open in Dubuque, Iowa in the K-12 U1200 Section. I ended up getting a disappointing 5th place on tiebreaks, getting my rating up to 1024. It's all right, though. Two months ago, I was 767!


So the tournament was two days, split into many sections, ranging from Masters (>2000's) to K-12 Open. There was also a bughouse event that I considered going but ended up not going.


When we arrived at Ice Harbor, it was super cold! My body was freezing from head to toe. My mom had considered to wear shorts because she thought it would be hot. Afraid not...


I walked into the Skittles Area and I reunited with my chess friend, Joel Boeve (1390), who ended up winning 6th in his section. We are local chess buddies and have been rivaling each other for some time now. Unfortunately, his rating is much bigger than mine. I need to catch up.


But we hadn't seen each other in a while and we were just hugging it out. Then we decided to play a game.


2 Wins. 2 Losses. 


So yeah, that was derp. Then, I met Edward Zhang (1850), a guy I befriended during the IL K-8 Championships, recording my best win, against a 1700.


So, here we enter to the games and I sat down at my board, 60. And across from me was Yusef Alaya. He wasn't talking so I went ahead and asked how long he had been playing. He said he had been playing since 1st grade but concentrated on it just last year. I told him "same."


And so we played! I have never lost my first round before so this was a good chance to extend the streak against a 767. (Hey, that's my previous rating!)


Now, all I had to do was trust my training on


 In Round 2, I played an 800 who had watched the same material as me from the St. Louis Chess Center on YouTube. They have astonishing videos! You should go check them out.

We laughed at each other and talked about So's immortal game and etc. It was going to be a good match. But it turned into a nightmare.


The good thing is that we befriended each other before and after the game. 

My notation had messed up after these lines. I ended up blundering my rook and resigning...

He went on to win 2nd in the tournament.

But after that loss, I went on to win 3 in a row, below one of my greatest games played in the tournament. (for me personally)
Unfortuantely, I lost my last round due to a mishandled defense, winning by three pawns and a rook.
I hope you enjoyed it!