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Nov 8, 2013, 9:30 AM 2

It is funny how people latch onto wording... My Knickname for example...

I am a woman... I am able to overhaul my own engine... I am able to change the undercarriage suspension in my car... I am able to change my own oil... I can and have changed the winshield in my cars... I can and have rebuilt the body of many cars over the years... I even with a homebuilt hoist pulled the motor and tranny out of my 86 Mazda truck, did what had to be done and put it all back in place and it still worked, amazing... Not really its called common sense and the manual... Recently rebuilt and replaced the rear end in my yup you got it 2002 Ford Focus wagon with the help of my father... My teacher I have been looking after and maintaining my own vehicles since I started driving 36 years ago... I still at the age of 53 lookafter my vehicle my husbands vehicle and anyone needs help that knows me asks and I help them too....I also have 4 sons that can cook, clean, sew and look after themselves... and fix there own vehicles...

My 2 grandaughters will be the same if there Oma and Daddy have anything to do with it....

So one time after working on my husbands Van he signed our anniversary card... To my SexyMechanic Wife....Kiss Hence the knickname! A deserved Knickname a rare compliment from my husband....

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