Castle Grand Prix II

May 7, 2015, 1:54 PM |

I played in an open tourney this weekend with an average rating of at least 1800.  I got 2.5/5 but missed several chances for wins in multiple games.  

My first game was a rematch against NM Jon Heyer who I had drawn previously in a slightly worse Sveshnikov.  This time I was the one with the winning chances in the Classical Bird but it wound up as a draw.  

My second game was against Nastassja Matus, who I had never played before.  I was up half an hour on time by move 9 but missed a winning continuation on move 15 and decided to go for a draw by repetition instead as my opponent is higher rated.  This failed to the immediate tactical blow Rxg1! and I resigned.

My third game was a easy-to-play From's Gambit as my opponent had no idea what to do when I stopped mate.  After that it was simply a matter of converting the point.

My fourth game I played against club head Dan Voje and almost had a draw.  I played in a Rossolimo and was even better at one point but eventually lost in a complex rook-and-pawn endgame.

My last game was largely not worth mentioning due to a simple drop on the tenth move but the end position is worth showing as I finally got to use the tactics that I've been practicing! Find mate in 5!

Overall I was fairly satisfied with my level of play; obviously I can do better in the future though!  My rating jumped about 100 points and I'm now a 1514!