Chess Castle Summer Classic

Jul 27, 2015, 12:29 PM |

I played my first tournament this past weekend since my break about two months ago.  My games are definitely starting to be more positional but my familiarity with the minor pieces still leaves a lot to be desired.

My first game was against one of the top 25 in the state.  I had a better position in the opening until I dedicated too much to the queenside and the attack transferred over to the g file.


What would you have done instead of d4?


I blitzed my second game, a Chigorin, and so lost an important pawn that ended up losing the game for me.  I provide this game more for the sake of comic relief.  I did have a tiny chance early on in the game instead of g6, can you find it?

Being very disappointed with my first two games, I took a third round half point bye in order to recover for the last two games on Sunday.  This turned out to be a good decision as I won both of them.

While extremely short, this game illustrates the importance of studying opening traps and always following principles such as king safety first.

The last game was an Alapin that I didn't have much to show for until white became extremely passive and allowed me to reach the seventh rank; in this case, a straightforward positional win.

2.0/4.0 is not a bad result, but I would have preferred to play better against the stronger players; dropping games quickly because of blunders is never optimal.

If you have any comments about common positional errors in my games, let me know!