Knight's Tour-like iOS game: Homeless Pony

Knight's Tour-like iOS game: Homeless Pony

FM Rochan_to_Danke
Aug 23, 2014, 8:45 AM |

Hi everyone, long time no see!

I recently made an iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) puzzle game called Homeless Pony that is inspired by the famous knight's tour, and it just came out on the App Store!

Homeless Pony on the App Store

This is a game where you become a pony that moves like a knight in chess, and your goal is to collect all the carrots and then get to the goal square (indicated by flag) within a number of moves at top-right. In addition, you cannot step on the same square twice because if you do, an activated trap will catch you. The game looks like this:

Currently this game features:

  • 100 Levels
  • Custom Level System (you build your own level)
  • Hint System (you get the "next move")
  • Enemies (levels 31+) that try to catch you

I think chess players will have lots of fun playing this game requires memory (you have to remember squares you've already stepped on), analysis, and calculation of moves. If you often miss tactics/combinations that makes use of knight in chess, this game is a great tool to master knight's tricky movement. It is also a fun game to introduce chess to kids as well.

Homeless Pony won the 3rd place award at 2014 MakeGamesWithUs iOS Game Development Competition. Check out my presentation to see the game in action!

In addition to Homeless Pony being released, I made 4 simple games this week (3 of them are expected to be on the App Store next week!). Visit my new homepage (in English) for more iOS games!

If you like the game, please spread the word about it to other chess players! Also, please take a time to write a review on the App Store and give the love to the pony (also known as liking) at Homeless Pony App Page on Facebook! Thank you very much in advance.