Personal Chess Journal on a stick

Oct 7, 2009, 12:12 PM |


I've hacked up a helpful tool (it is nothing but a big html file) that makes maintaining a personal chess journal the easiest thing in the world.  The improving player will find it really helpful given the usual difficulties they might face with creating a journal of this sort, for example:


- Creating chess diagrams from their games.
- Cut-copy-pasting images into a word document etc.
- Being able to quiz positions at random.
- Storing insights from their favorite games or positions they read about.
- Perhaps storing an ever-growing database of tactical mistakes they are making.

This Chess Journal on a Stick is a one-stop solution that does everything and anything in the nice and comfy world of HTML and javascript. No crummy diagrams that need resizing and attaching for every single position! Just enter in the diagram code in good old reliable FEN notation! :)

Best of all, you can store it and carry it with you on a USB stick/thumbdrive and open it with the browser of your choice! :)

This Chess TiddlyWiki stays on your local thumbdrive. Given that it is nothing but HTML (with some support files in the same folder) You merely point to it (and possibly bookmark) on your browser to get it up and running.  Uploading to a website is something I intend the users to do to make it accessible, though I'm carrying it in a USB thumb drive.

Here's the link to download it.

Merely unzip it (to any place on your harddrive) and open up the chesswiki.html in the browser of your choice.

Note: The javascripts embedded within the html will cause a warning on some browsers. You will have to allow the scripts to run when prompted. (No viruses, I promise! :) )

I've tried to make the document self-explanatory, so please click through the document links freely when time permits.