Board 1, Braunstone 4 v Wigston 4, 21/10/14

Oct 21, 2014, 3:04 PM |

All moves in 80 minutes.

Well, at least I won a game!

I felt to be ahead for pretty much the whole game, but could never quite see a way to win.  24. Ba3 was played without being able to work out if it was sound (it was), but opening the diagonals somehow seemed to be the only way to get a breakthrough.  My opponent used over half of his remaining time on the reply, and was then in time trouble.

I then simply missed that taking on c7 - the whole point of my strategy all game - won the knight when the king had to leave the 7th rank after the check, and managed to then get into a losing position with my last two moves, but my opponent simply had no time left.  I was probably making the mistake of moving too quickly as I knew my opponent was almost out of time whilst I had over 10 minutes left.

 Never mind; a win's a win.