Board 1, Syston 2 v Wigston 4, 11/03/14

Mar 11, 2014, 4:03 PM |

30 moves in 60 minutes, then 20 minutes extra to finish.

Interesting game.  After 10 moves I had used over 25 minutes, my opponent about 4 minutes.  My queen-side plan clearly concerned him, however, as he then took 20 minutes over move 11 and a couple of moves later was slightly behind on the clock.  We each had fewer than 2 minutes to play the last 5 moves to the time control; my focus was that 'surely he cannot mate me', so much so that I did not notice that I had simply fallen into a lost end-game until it was too late.

My opponent admitted that he thought Nxf2 was probably unsound (although Houdini quite likes it), but that in the time situation he judged it his best shot; he was proved to be right!