Board 3, Wigston 3 v Ashby 2, 14/11/13


  • 3 years ago


    35 moves in 1h10m, then 20m for all remaining moves ... except that (unexpectedly) I was put in as a reserve for someone who did not turn up ... so started 12m behind on the clock.  The resulting time trouble probably explains 31 ... axb4; the final blunder has no excuses, although it seemed pretty much lost by then ...

    ...and, as we thought in post-game analysis, I had a win by move 16 (Nh3+ wins a piece), but did not spot it.  In my mind, the whole 'attack' was based on a Ne2 fork, but I missed that the rook guarded the square, hence the poor move Bg4 ... very rusty!!

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