Board 4, Wigston 4 v Market Harborough, 06/02/14

30 moves in 60 minutes, then 20 more minutes to complete the game.

... at this point I had about 2 minutes for the rest of the game.  About a dozen moves later, I managed to get my opponents rook for my white-squared bishop.  My opponent then made an illegal move (spotted by an observer - not by me as I had about 20 seconds left, my opponent just over a minute) and we agreed a draw in a bishop-and-pawn v, knight-and-pawn end-game ... which gave my team a win.


  • 3 years ago


    What should happen is the position is re-set to that prior to the illegal move and I get an additional two minutes clock time.  What actually happened was that I was so close to losing on time (and with the kind of adrenaline flow caused by moving at about 2-seconds per move, without an increment) in a K+B+P v. K+N+P position, so I simply said 'shall we call it a draw?' - which my opponent agreed to.

    I did not think of the 2-additional minutes bit, which would have made me ahead on time, and hence probably having the better chance of winning, but it looked dead drawn and I don't really like playing league games 'for time' (I far prefer increments).

  • 3 years ago


    What is the position re the illegal move?  Is the match forfeit? Or did observor point out and opponent have to withdraw it amnd play a legal move?

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