Leicester Chess Congress, Major (1/5)

Dec 1, 2013, 12:10 PM |

I entered the 'Major' section of the Leicester Congress (H E Atkins Memorial).  The last chess congress I entered prior to this was the weekend after the Chernobyl disaster (google it; it really was that long ago!).

The Major is for ECF Grades between 130 and 160 (roughly 1690-1930 FIDE).  My 'finger in the air' guessed grading at the moment is around 130, so entering the Major would - so I figured - give me some useful experience, although probably be tough.

In the event, I played quite badly.  Two of the losses were stupid blunders in either very drawn or drawish endgames, which is probably a lack of long-term concentration on my part.  The fourth game was a genuine contest in which his plan (pushing the queen-side pawns) was better than mine (attack the king).

I enjoyed the weekend; I feel I could have played better, but am sure the experience will have done me some good.

In Round 1, I was behind all game, equalized, then blundered; that seems to be how I am playing these days!


Round 2 - a draw's a draw!  Although even this also included a complete blunder in 34.d7.


I took Round 3 as a Bye, to watch Leicester City beat Millwall 3-0 and go top of the Championship.  A more entertaining event than any of my tournament games!

In Round 4, I set about an over-ambitious king side attack.  His advanced pawns won the game, but it was probably the most fun game of the weekend.

In Round 5 I made another needless blunder, in a slightly worse endgame.