Leicestershire Major, Rd 5, C Ross v S Dawkins

Aug 29, 2014, 2:18 AM |

35 moves in 60 minutes, then 20 minutes to finish, with 10 second increment throughout.

Not to make excuses (honestly), but I felt lousy last night whilst playing this game, and have a stomach upset today.  In two of the three online blitz games I had played earlier as 'warm ups', I managed to blunder my queen!

The French is supposed to be the one opening I do know, so mis-playing the opening was frustrating.  It was only after putting the game through the computer did I realise that my resignation was premature (I can avoid the forced mate ... that is how badly my brain was working!!)

Anyway, so far my perfomance in individual tournaments is significantly worse than my performance for the team, which I guess is the honourable way round :)