Why Variants? I don't see anything in 2 moves...

Jul 23, 2011, 12:13 PM |

...but maybe in 3 or 4

Helly guys!

This is a blog about learning to look more moves in variants.

Of course,it's not easy to see everything in a variant. Maybe you think you haven't time or you aren't good at this. Perhaps your opponent is worse than you.But it doesn't matter. It's good to luck at each variant at least 3-5 minutes(You get the time from the Opening). And if you are good,you can look for 5-7 moves in each variant. Of course you have to watch better in tactical postions,but maybe you can win in positional positions,too.

Here is an example of one Match from the ''Sparkassen-Chess-Meeting in Dortmund''. Look at the bad 23.move of Black.He mabye saw the variant with Bc6 which attack the queen and threats checkmate,but he didn't see what happen after: 23. ... Bc6! 24.Bd4!? Bxa4 25.Bxc5 ... And why? He didn't watch for the next move.He didn't see 25. ...Rxd1!. It was so simple,you think. It was,but probably not after the first variant move! Instead of the winning move he played 23. ...Rxd1? and the game ends draw:


So,did you see?

He had 1721,a OK rating. He didn't want to see the comming variant because he thought after Bd4 that it's a draw.

In chess is really important to look strong at every move and at each variant. When you will not look after all Catch,Check and Threat moves you can't win easier. Maybe to see all variants(perhaps 10 moves,too!) is the skill of a good Chess player!

PS: Sorry for my English,i am 14 years old and i will learn English more and more :)