1st Blog - My 1st Tourney: Round 1 - 2 Losses, 2 Wins

1st Blog - My 1st Tourney: Round 1 - 2 Losses, 2 Wins

Sep 2, 2009, 7:08 PM |

Here are some of the results of my first tournament.  Four interesting games that I think are representational of what 'attitude' during a match can really do for you.

I present these games in chronological order.  The first two games are against a very strong player who was gracious enough to discuss some mindset and goal-oriented game play with me near the end of our matches.  I went into these matches feeling under-classed and with no hope.  I played blunderously & he cleaned my clock.  I also think I was extremely passive and reactive, rather than insighful & clever.  Never-the-less, he was a strong opponent and deserved the wins.

Game 1:

Game 2:

My opponent was very strong in my eyes and was gracious enough to tell me something that I really took to heart.  He said:

luxlucisvia: i read your profile and i used to be in your exact smae postion, but look how far ive gotten!

luxlucisvia: good luck

Having gotten spanked those two games, I wondered what went wrong.  I felt my openings which had worked for me in the past were completely foolish.  However, I took his words to heart & my attention quickly turned to another quickly-developing face-off against another challenging higher-ranked opponent...

Game 3:


Game 4:

Two great opponents with two different results.  I learned a lot in these four matches and hope you see that it is possible to battle through mistakes and beat a higher-ranked opponent.  Low-ranked players, you are the upset!  You can win if you sit down and weigh all of your options & find that best move.

Tactics Trainer is a huge help to my success in these games.  You will improve leaps and bounds if you practice your tactics every night.

Both of my opponents, Evan(game 1 and 2) & Jeremiah(game 3 and 4), were gracious hosts and displayed excellent sportsmanship.  Thank you both for your blessings on this blog post!