Poll: What Has Chess Taught You?

May 26, 2009, 12:29 AM |

We have all heard Bobby Fischer's quote, "Chess is life".   Would you please share what traits or character accomplishments you attribute chess to teaching you, in order of their priority.  

Please list up to five influences/lessons in the order of their importance, the first being more important than the others that follow.

Please feel free to say why or to what extent the game has helped or hurt you in your personal outlook or life's endeavors. 

Here are some idea areas:

-- Patience; planning; prioritizing; mental acuteness; added purpose; discipline; time management; relationships; entertainment; sense of confidence, pride, or self-esteem; decision-making; relaxation; problem-solving; assessing risk; learning human psychology/behavior; humility; learning about yourself or others; a greater sense of reality... etc.

If chess has had some negative influences, please feel free to include them, as well... such as... increase in blood pressure; more nail-biting; smoking more often and intensely; loss of sleep; worse grades from chess addiction... etc. 

Thank you!