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I love chess, but...

I love chess, but...

Jul 1, 2007, 1:41 PM 18

I love chess.  "How much?", I hear you cry.  A lot - honest.  Most of my spare time is taken up with chess which makes what I am about to admit all the stranger.

I like to read my chess books (I've got about 50 so far, and plenty of space in my bookcase to fill with more) and spend lots of time contributing to websites like chess.com and the Chess Exchange.   I'm now also teaching my wife to play chess and any impartial observer would surely attest to my fascination with the game.  However, I have a dark secret that I must come clean about.

I love chess, but...

...I hardly ever actually play chess any more.  No, really!  I enjoy reading instructional chess books and writing blog entries and forum comments about chess, but I swear as I type this blog entry right now, I can't honestly remember the last game that I played.  Was it a month ago?  Perhaps.  Even longer?  Maybe. Embarassed

Does anyone else have the same problem? What's wrong with me?  Am I simply so addicted to learning about chess and talking about chess that have forgotten that the point is to actually play?

Have I become afraid of losing?  Perhaps - a bit.  I'm aware that when I used to play online at Playchess.com I would play a few times until I won a nice game and then would stop so I could end my playing session on a winning note.

But I don't think that's the whole answer.  Can anyone suggest a way to cure my "Caissa Interruptus"?


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