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Interview With "Chess Movie" Director

Interview With "Chess Movie" Director

Apr 6, 2010, 5:23 AM 3

The USCF website has a nice interview by Jennifer Shahade with Katie Dellamaggiore, the director of the upcoming "Chess Movie" about the US scholastic team from I.S.318, as previewed here.

When I started out it seemed that the chess subculture here in the US was spread so wide and so deep that there was no way I, as a newcomer, would be able to fully infiltrate it. But as time went on I found that this huge subculture is also a very, very tight community. I've met so many passionate chess players along the way that have been so excited to help us out in whatever way they can.  Just a few minutes into talking to someone and I would have five new websites or contacts to add to my list. This helped make the delving process a lot easier. Also, contrary to popular misconception most chess players are not introverts!

Read the full interview here. If you would like to donate, check out their kickstarter page.

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