My first loss at

Oct 16, 2007, 2:34 PM |

The title is not as impressive as it sounds once I admit that I've only actually completed 7 games here at to date! Laughing  It's not that I don't like playing, but I've never been a very prolific player and I don't like to play too many games at the same time.


My nemesis was ChessDweeb and the game is below with my comments.  I think I'll try to annotate my losses from now on in my blog to try to help me improve.  This might prove too time consuming, depending on how many games I lose! Wink


So, I could have saved the day, but missed my chance.  Lessons to learn:


1. Just because a piece is attacked, doesn't mean it has to move!

2.  Don't get demoralised by an unexpected turn of events!

3. Remember the removal of the guard tactic!

4. Fight to the end!  Don't throw in the towel so easily!