SuperMariov 10th Anniversary Tribute

SuperMariov 10th Anniversary Tribute

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Today is the 10th Anniversary of Ruslan Ponomariov winning the 2002 FIDE World Chess Championship in Moscow.

Regardless of gripes about the KO format and time control (90 minutes + 30 seconds per move), it was a remarkable achievement for the (then) 18 year-old Ponomariov, beating Vassily Ivanchuk 4½-2½ in the final match to take the title.

Some Ponomariov friends and supporters have put together the video below as a tribute (produced by Macauley Peterson).

The first half is a video montage of Ponomariov photos, celebrating his achievements, and from around 3:45 there are tributes from friends and fellow chess players.  Well worth a watch!




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