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Wish me luck

Wish me luck

Aug 8, 2007, 12:45 PM 9

Well, I've been hanging on as long as possible before unplugging my computer and packing it up for my long-awaited house move, but the time has finally come.

I don't know which is more challenging; moving all my possessions from one house to another, or spending more than a few hours away from chess.com!  Since I joined the site, wide-eyed and awestruck in May, I think I have visited chess.com every day; often for hours at a time.  What did I do before chess.com? Laughing

Anyway, my Internet Service Provider tells me that it could take 2 weeks after I move in before I can get online again!  Knowing how these things work, that probably means it will be more like 3 weeks or a month - argggh!  If that happens, I have a plan;  I'm going to get to know my sister-in-law better; she's a really nice person who happens to have a broadband connection that she doesn't use much. Innocent

By the time I come back I expect there will be even more great features and lots more members enjoying all the site has to offer.  Many thanks and congratulations, Erik.  Chess.com is wonderful and I'll be back soon.

By the way, a few tips for moving house:  Organise your thoughts, plan ahead, anticipate problems, and you'll get there in the end.  Hey, guess what - moving house is just like a game of chess... Laughing


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