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ACC Ladder game 2/9/18 (W. vs. Demetrio Aragon) 30/90 SD/60 d/5 1/2-1/2

ACC Ladder game 2/9/18 (W. vs. Demetrio Aragon) 30/90 SD/60 d/5 1/2-1/2

Feb 9, 2018, 10:04 PM 0

Closed Catalan
For some reason, i cannot add Coach Nazi's comments.  But basically,  in our lesson on Thursday, she was able to show me that my play in this game has five mistakes in it:
(1) on move 16, the bishop should go back to g2.  It usually stays on the square anyone in the Catalan, usually for a good part of the game. 
(2)  on move 18, I should have played d5, opening up the center when my opponent's pieces are uncoordinated and I am ahead in development.
(3) on move 19, c5 is NOT the way to go!  Closing the position shows I am misunderstanding the demands of the position.   The position needs to be opened up to take advantage of my opponent's poor piece placement.   Not turned into a sort of Stonewall Dutch. 
(4) on move 24, for some strange reason I do not take advantage of my chance to win the exchange with Nxf8.  I gave my move an exclam.  It deserves (this is me talking, not Nazi) a ?  I still don't know how I missed this. 
(5) She loved my first positional exchange sacrifice, Rxe4!?, saying Petrosian himself would have smiled.  This made my day!
(6) on move 28, I throw away the win with Bxe8.  The proper move was Be2 with Bd3 to follow, setting up a battery on the h7 square.  "When you sacrifice for position, you should keep all your remaining pieces on the board." 

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