"He who hated draws"

Nov 17, 2011, 3:39 AM |

The Polish/Russian - French - Jewish grandmaster Dawid (David Markelovich) Janowski (1868 - 1927) was known for his fiery attacking style, occasional impossible blunders and hatred of draws. Someone said of him, "He would rather lose a game than draw it". Here's a small collection of Janowski's games where he had either a great advantage or a good drawish game and then squandered it.

In Nuernberg, Janowski missed a brilliancy prize against Pillsbury.

In the same tournament, there was a rare aversion: Steinitz lost a drawn game against Janowski under time pressure.
Another missed win against Pillsbury, in the same year 1896.
A tragic blunder against W. Cohn. Janowski lost all chances to win a tournament in Berlin after it.
Janowski used a theoretical novelty against Tarrasch that really came into fruition some 80 (!) years later as the Chelyabinsk variation in the Sicilian defence, but made a mistake in the middlegame and lost.
To be continued.