"He who hated draws", part 2

Nov 18, 2011, 10:13 AM |

Janowski used King's Gambit against the aging Steinitz. Steinitz tried to refute it, Janowski counter-refuted, but then made a couple of inaccurate moves and lost.


Lasker already guaranteed himself the first prize and probably didn't mind a draw. Janowski tried an artificial castling, attacked with g- and h-pawns and finally even sacrificed an exchange. But Lasker still made his draw.
"A hallucination that cost 1250 francs! White could easily make a draw: they have the lines, they are better developed and have better perspectives. They just needed to be careful, but it's against Janowski's artistic, hot-tempered nature."
Janowski just needed to draw that game to get the 2nd place, but lost, and Maroczy and Pillsbury caught up with him. And Steinitz won his last ever tournament game.
Janowski had a beautiful, almost chess problem-like win against Maroczy, but instead blundered and lost in one move under time pressure.
Janowski had a very good game against Schlechter... and with two moves, ruined it, first missing a win, then - an opportunity to draw.
The decisive game of Cambridge Springs 1904 tournament. Janowski had a good attack against Marshall, squandered it in one move, then defended valiantly, but eventually lost in the endgame.