"He who hated draws", special feature

Nov 25, 2011, 4:41 AM |

Readers asked me to post some winning games by Dawid Janowski. So, here they are - some truly brilliant products of his imagination. These combinations are given as puzzles.

This game by the young Janowski was printed in many chess magazines.







A good mating attack in the Cafe de la Regence championship.


This game was played blindfolded.


This game was played on "pawn-and-move" odds.


In 1896, Janowski played a match with his compatriot Winawer. That's how he won the first game.


The 38th (!) round of the Vienna marathon tournament. Janowski still has enough strength to land a devastating punch.


Janowski quickly exploits Schlechter's mistake.
Simultaneous display in Paris, 1900.