The King of Draws gives a fight

Jun 6, 2011, 8:03 AM |

Salo (Salomon Mikhailovich) Flohr was born on 21st November 1908 in Horodenka, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Ukraine). He first gained chess prominence while playing in the Prague chess cafes, and in 1930s quickly became Czechoslovakia's leading player and world championship contender. He was Max Euwe's second when he won the 1935 World Championship match against Alekhine, and in 1938 he was declared as the official challenger. But after the beginning of World War II Flohr's hopes were ruined. He fled to Soviet Union and eventually took up Soviet citizenship.

Flohr was known for his calm, positional style. Some found it boring, giving him the nickname "King of Draws".


Mikhail Yudovich Senior was born on 8th June 1911 in Roslavl, Russian Empire. He learned chess with Konstantin Vygodchikov, uncle of another talented Soviet chess master Sergey Belavenets. His best performance was shared third place in the 1931 USSR Championship. Later, he became a chess journalist and correspondence chess grandmaster.


This game was played in the 1947 USSR championship. It ended up in a draw, but what a draw it was! Flohr and Yudovich put up quite a fight, reminiscent of the famous Fischer - Tal draw at Leipzig Olympiad.